Yellow Striped Turtle South Florida Red Bug Slough

Yellow Stripes Florida Turtle

Download Pic Wikipedia references this turtle as  being a Yellow-bellied slider. Growing up, we always called them stripper head turtles. The underside of this reptile is actually yellow, thus the name Yellow-bellied slider turtle makes for an excellent name.

This photograph was taken in Red Bug Slough public park in Sarasota Florida. These turtles can be seen all over the Florida area, just about anywhere that there’s fresh water. You can also find them in pet stores.

Here’s an excellent educational Youtube video about the Yellow-bellied slider:

As I was searching on Youtube for videos of this South Florida turtle, I came across a video of an alligator eating one. Check out the massive power in this reptiles jaws as he demolishes the yellow stripped turtle:

Other places you my find these  turtles with yellow stripes in Florida:

  • Ditches
  • Lakes
  • Rivers
  • Streams
  • Swamps
  • Marsh lands

More images taken at Red Bug Slough in Sarasota Florida:

Osprey On Limb
Anhinga In Red Bug Slough

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