Wood Fence Up Close

Faded Grey Wood Fence Close Up

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This faded fence image was taken from about twenty five yards away while zooming with my Nikon 600P digital Cool Pix camera. Oftentimes when I take a shot like this I use a tripod. One of the features I enjoy using on my Nikon is the automatic shutter timer. There are two options to choose from with this timing feature: 1) a two second delay 2) a ten second delay. I generally choose the ten second one because it allows plenty of time for the tripod to settle into a solid state.


The old Florida fence seems to be made of knotty pine or cypress.  This is actually the view of across the street from my apartment. Pretty boring isn’t it? The fence is actually about eight feet in height. The people who own the house,  own a home security systems business. They have cameras all around their house.



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