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This lovely woman is from Connecticut. Her and her husband were enjoying some Sarasota sunshine on the Tony Saprito Pier, near Hart’s Landing and the John Ringling Causeway bridge. The woman was reading a book and didn’t know I snapped a picture of her from behind. Her husband was only about ten feet away from her, who I am sure saw me taking pictures of his wife.

After taking a few images of her, I struck up a conversation with her husband who was fishing. I asked him if he’d caught anything? He said no, but thought he had just lost a mullet. I had actually seen the fish that got away and knew it was a lady fish. I explained to him that mullet don’t feed on shrimp, but rather feed on vegetation and algae. Therefore, they cannot be caught with a fishing rod.

We continued to converse about fishing and then his wife, who was  off to the side reading a book, joined in the conversation. I discovered that they were visiting from Connecticut and staying on Longboat Key. This was the third couple this week that I’d met while taking photos around Sarasota who were staying on Longboat Key.

The woman was retired. Her husband was six years away from retirement. They are considering moving to the Sarasota area, but expressed their dislike of the traffic in this area. They actually asked me if there was faster route they could take to get back to Longboat Key without  having to go over the Causeway and the double bridges near the Sarasota Yacht Club. “Nope” I replied. They complained about how slow the traffic was going over the bridges. I told them that one of the  bridges was under construction and only had one westbound lane open .

These were the  type of people who are easy to talk to. We conversed about fishing, retirement, business, photography, real estate, foreclosures, Key West property, building houses, boating and much more. I came away from our interactions with a couple life changing tips.

  1. When shooting digital photography, learn how to use the manual settings on my Nikon Coolpix P600  s. I had told them that my camera was having issues on the auto setting. The woman explained that the two of them had taken photography classes for two years. She said they learned that using the manual settings was much better than using the auto features built into digital cameras.
  2. The husband told me that if you freeze freshly caught fish fillets in water that they will taste fresh when you eat them at a later date.

Anyway, when I got home and took a look at the photos I had taken I was amazed at how good this featured photo of the woman standing on the Tony Sparito Fishing Pier turned out. You wouldn’t know that she is in her sixties. Looking from behind,  I’d guess she was in her forties. Apparently she’s been blessed with good genes and takes care of herself.

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