Whitaker Gateway Park Pelicans Perched on Pilings

pelicans at Whitaker park

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Many people in Sarasota aren’t familiar with Whitaker Park. It’s located a few blocks south of the tenth street boat ramp on the west side of North Tamiami Trail .

There’s a long run of pilings along the south shore of  the Whitaker Gateway Park where pelicans enjoy hanging out. This featured image only reveals two of the twenty or so pelicans that were perched on pilings on this cool April afternoon.


I’ve made a lot of great memories at this public park. One of the best was on a day when a friend (Lisa) and I went fishing from the pier that is located on the west shore. I caught the largest spotted sea trout I’ve caught in my life on that day. We caught a bundle of good eating fish. Apparently, catching so many fish there was just a fluke, fishermen’s luck. We went back to the pier on several occasion afterward and didn’t catch a thing.

Other Images Of Pelicans:
Multicolored Pelican Near The Tenth Street Boat Ramp
Low Flying Pelican Near New Pass  Bridge
A Flock Resting In The Trees

Camera Used: Nikon Coolpix P600

I recall another wonderful memory that was made at Whitaker Park. My singing partner (Lisa) and I had decided to practice a few songs at Island Park. When we met in the parking lot, near the famous Unconditional Surrender statue, I really felt that we were supposed to go to Whitaker Park instead. Something deep down was pulling me there. When we reached the park,  I was walking along the path with my guitar in hand. When we approached a pavilion area, we were approached by a stranger and asked if we played and sang Christian music. With a big smile on my face I replied, “yes, that’s all we do”! To our surprise we were asked to join a large gathering of people who were meeting in the name of Christ. We were told that the person who normally leads worship for them canceled. So, we sang and we sang, and had an absolute wonderful time. In addition to this website, I also have a site where you can listen to some of my original music. Check it out here: Jordy Christo

Anyway, Whitaker Park off the North Tamiami Trail in Sarasota has picnic tables, a playground, covered pavilions, sidewalks for walking, a fishing pier, restrooms and an incredible view of Sarasota Bay.

If you go there in the afternoon on a sunny day, you will see plenty of pelicans perched on the old dock pilings along the north shoreline.

Whitaker Gateway Park

Address: 1455 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34236
Phone: (941) 329-6101

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