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I flew Silver Airways from Fort Lauderdale Florida to the North Eleuthera airport in the Bahamas during the summer of 2017.  I took a land taxi to the shoreline where there were two water taxis waiting for customers. It cost five dollars to get from Eleuthera to Harbor Island by way of boat. The taxi made two stops, one at Romora  Bay Club and the other at  The Landing marina. When my vacation ended I had to catch a water taxi early in the morning around 8:30. I was told to go to the government dock to be picked up. Luckily for me I was only about five minutes walking distance away and had one carry-on bag with wheels on it. Making the trip to the dock was rather easy.

Bahamas Harbor Island Water Taxi

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If you are staying some distance from the public dock you can call for a water taxi. It might cost extra money to have them come pick up just one or two people. I was told if there’s a group of folks that need to be picked up the taxi will make a special trip and it will be the normal cost of five dollars. Otherwise the government dock is where people departing from the island should go.

When you board the vessel you will be helped with you baggage.  One of the amazing things about being on Harbor Island is that the overwhelming majority of people are very friendly. Actually at the government dock there’s a very large sign that says “Welcome to Harbor Island Home Of Friendly People”.

The voyage from North Eleuthera to Harbor Island takes about five minutes. The water taxi is very fast. It has twin Evinrude 250 outboard engines on the back of it. You don’t have to be concerned about an engine breaking down because they never turn them off. If one were to fail you’d have the other running as a backup. The boat hold about ten people comfortably. Don’t expect a luxury ride on the water taxi. It’s just an old boat. You will be sheltered from the splashing water and wind because it is partially enclosed with plastic that extends from the canopy to the hull.

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