Wade Fishing Off Cortez Beach For Snook

Download PicIt’s that time of year again when the snook start congregating along the beaches. You can see them along Cortez beach in the shallows as they are cruising the shoreline looking for something tasty to eat.  The snook look like big underwater logs that are moving. Not to worry though, snook aren’t a threat to humans like sharks.

The fisherman in the featured image on this page is actually fishing with his wife (obviously camera shy) who was throwing a cast net about fifty yards away when I took this photograph. She was trying to catch green back shiners (a favorite meal for snook) to replenish her husband’s bait bucket with.

One of the things I learned many years ago about taking pictures is that if you can naturally frame your subject do so. That’s what I attempted to do in this image of the fisherman wading in the crystal clear, South West Florida, Gulf of Mexico water.

This pic was enlarged and cropped a little before publishing it onto the Internet. I took the photo from about fifty yards away using a Nikon Coolpix P600 digital camera.

Click here for a good instructional video of how to catch snook along the beaches.

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