Venice Airport 2015 Chalk Art Festival Sarasota County

Venice Florida Art Ruben Poncia

The featured photo above is of chalk art, but not only painted on one flat surface. This painting was done on a ninety degree bend surface made from the pavement and a back drop of a large section of plywood.

All of the pavement art photos on this page were taken at the Venice Airport. The 2015 chalk art festival was held in three separate locations in Sarasota County. You can view images of the artwork created on Miami Street in Venice Florida by clicking here. Unfortunately the third location was closed to the public by the time I made it to the event.

The featured image on this page was created by Jennifer Chaparro. You can see more of her work at Amazing Street Paintings.

Here are some more incredible pics of outstanding pavement art:

One of the things I just noticed in the children’s picture is that one of the girls is painting a French flag. During the chalk art festival bombs were set off in Paris France by a terrorist group known as ISIS that killed 129 people. All over the world people are joining in to display the French flag. I saw a very large flag displayed on the home page of the day after the bombings. Facebook created a simple way for members to overlay their profile images with a transparent French flag. Now, here we see the artist honoring France on the pavement of the Venice chalk art festival in Sarasota County.

Great Video-Interviews With Street Artists

For more information about where the next pavement art festival will be held click here.

Artists Work Displayed On This Page:

  • Ruben Poncia-Featured photo of man climbing on boat mast holding a mirror
  • Katie Runde-Cows
  • Jennifer Chaparro-Woman in dress with legs up
  • Gregor Wosk-Children dancing around sharks tooth, girl painting French flag
  • Marion Ruthardt-Children playing

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