Tugboat Near Beach House Restaurant Anna Maria

Download PicI decided to take a road trip to Anna Maria Island for the day. I took a boatload of pictures starting from New Pass Bait House on Longboat Key and extending all the way to the Anna Maria Pier. This tugboat was anchored off of the coast of the Gulf Of Mexico near the Beach House Restaurant. I stopped by there to have lunch ( some delicious grilled swordfish tacos) and afterward ventured down the coast a little to take a photograph of this colorful red, white, blue and black water vessel.
Tug Boat At Sea
When I set out to take pics to post on this site sometimes I have specific things I want to take photos of. On this particular hot Florida summer day, one of the things I wanted to capture with my Nikon Coolpix camera was the American flag. As I was editing this picture I surprising noticed the American flag flying off of the bow of the tugboat, mission accomplished!

Learn more about tugboats by clicking on this link.

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Where is the Beach House Restaurant?
It is at the southern end of Anna Maria Island, a little west of the Cortex village near Bradenton Beach.

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