Tree Limbs Reflecting In The Water Along Legacy Trail

Reflections Of Many Tree Limbs In Water

There’s a water retention area  that stretches along the Legacy Trail in the Sarasota/Venice Florida area. These tree limbs reflecting in the water were too awesome looking to pass by. I was riding my bike along the trail, with specific intention to take photos for this website, when I noticed these tree limbs reflecting in the water.

I took this image with my Nikon Coolpix 600P digital camera. The photo was taken around five in the afternoon during the month of February.One of the things that intrigues me about photography is the quest to capture something amazing while experiencing nature. Check out this amazing image I captured when I first got this camera: Close Up Of Florida Squirrel.  I was just sitting at a picnic table in Island Park when this squirrel just hopped up on the bench that was about four feet away from me. I captured the amazing squirrel image because I was sitting there with my camera ready for whatever amazing thing I might see.

I took several images of some birds while I was on this photo shoot along the Legacy Trail.  I was specifically trying to capture them in the water with their reflections. Click this link to check out this pic of a  white heron in Osprey that I captured fishing in a pond along the Legacy Trail.

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