Tan Butterfly With Queen Bee Near Canyon Inn Spencer IN

Butterfly On Purple Coneflower

This is one of my favorite pictures that I took on my road trip to Spencer Indiana and back to Sarasota Fl. This butterfly and queen bee posed for me in front of the historic Canyon Inn in McCormick’s Creek State Park.

I have a very close friend who lives in Spencer Indiana. The first evening I spent with him and his wife they took me out to eat dinner at the Canyon Inn’s restaurant. The experience was one I will never forget. The dining room is located on the second floor and has very large picture windows. Hanging outside, very close to the enormous windows, are bird feeders. While dining the birds fluttered to and fro from the forest to the bird feeders.

An interesting conversation took place as we sat down to eat dinner and prior to looking at the menu. I was telling my friends about a sandwich that a close friend of mine introduced me to in Louisville Ky. It’s a steak sandwich made with butternut butter and onions. When we opened the menu there was a hamburger served on a bun having peanut butter and bacon as the condiments.

Time image was taken:
July 2015

Camera setting:
Closeup/Auto setting for blurring the background of the picture

Camera used to take this photo:
Nikon Coolpix P600

Orange, black, tan, white and yellow butterfly
Queen Bee


McCormick’s Creek State Park/Canyon Inn


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