Steps With Running Water Chattanooga Tennessee

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These waterfall steps are located right next to the Chattanooga Aquarium. I took a trip to this area on a Friday night and the place was very busy with children walking up and down the steps happily playing! At the bottom of the steps there’s a shallow wading pool (clearly seen in the video below).

Image of what the steps look like at night:

Steps Next To Aquarium Chattanooga At Night

In the image above and the video below you can see the wading pool at the bottom of the steps. I’d guess that the water in the pool is about two feet deep. It was rather late when I took this picture. Earlier in the evening there were several families in this area and about ten kids playing on the steps and in the small pool. The Youtube video shows how active this area can get at various times.

Video of water steps at the Chattanooga Aquarium:

Time of year images were taken:
Summer/July 2015

Camera used to take pics:
Nikon Coolpix P600

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