South Florida Great Blue Herons Nesting

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This nest is located on John Ringling Boulevard just east of  Saint Armands Circle.  The great blue herons are nesting on the north side of the road. These two birds were squabbling over a fish one of them had caught when I discovered them. I was out enjoying a bike ride, with the intention of taking pictures, when I  heard a major ruckus in the trees.  I couldn’t get the camera set up quick enough to video them fighting over the food. I did manage to get some good video footage of them eating the fish though.

Video of Two Great  Blue Herons On The Nest

Facts About This Image

  • Time of year was Summer of 2016
  • Camera used for the image and video was a Nikon Coolpix P600
  • Location of these great blue herons was in Sarasota, Florida on John Ringling Boulevard

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