South Florida Fishermen Sunset Venice Jetty

Saltwater Fishing Venice Fl Jetty

Download PicWhen I look at this sunset image of the silhouetted fisherman along the North Venice jetty, to me it looks like a sunrise. The soft gold, yellow and orange colors make me feel like it’s the beginning of a new day.

Actually, the best time to fish the jetty is right at daybreak. A friend of mine invited me to go fishing with him a couple of years ago at the jetty during the month of June. We met while it was still dark, about a half hour before the sunrise. What I witnessed that morning will forever be one of the most memorable fishing trips of my life.

As the day light gently lite the misted green saltwater, the bait fish could be seen by the tens of thousands. The Snook were stacked thick in large schools and were aggressively chasing the greenback shiners like nothing I’d ever witnessed before in my thirty five years of fishing in Southern Florida.

This featured image was taken during early May of 2015. It might be a little too early for the snook to be along the beaches as they are know to congregate along the South Florida beaches during June and July for spawning.

On this particular photography outing, I managed to capture a flock of pelicans sitting in a tree. I also took one of the best images of a solo pelican I’ve ever seen in my life. I won’t be publishing that one on the Internet as a royalty free picture, it’s just too good. I do have a good shot of a pelican on a dock in Fort Myers that is royalty free though.

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