Smiley Face Parasail Fort Myers Beach Florida

Yellow Parasail

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Parasailing is a very popular water sport along the shores of Florida beaches. While visiting Fort Myers Beach I discovered a restaurant/beach bar overlooking the Gulf of Mexico shore. As I was sitting on the deck of restaurant waiting for some delicious fish tacos to be severed, I snapped this pic of a smiley face parasail.

The image was taken from a very long distance away using a Nikon Coolpix 600P camera. How far away you wonder? Probably a quarter of a mile or so was the distance the parasalers were form where I was seated. I used the rail of the deck to steady the camera as I took the photo.

I live in the Sarasota Florida area. We have a place where people can go parasailing off of Siesta Key Beach. The linked text will take you to a page with several images on it of a red, white and blue parasail.

While writing this post I decided to check out Youtube to see if there had ever been any parasailing related accidents. To my surprise I discovered a very shocking video of two girls who had a very tragic accident on Panama City Beach. I was actually born in Panama City, moved away at age nine, but have vacationed there for the past forty four years. I actually did parasailing on Panama City beach when I was a teenager.

Here’s the shocking video:

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