Single Florida Bottle Brush Flower Closeup

Single Weeping Bottle Brush Flower

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In South Florida weeping bottle brush trees are a common sight. I wasn’t on a mission to photograph a bottle brush flower. I just happened to see this perfectly lit flower and couldn’t resist taking a picture of it.

These trees look like the weeping willow tree because of their droopy branches. The flowers attract butterflies, bees and birds. They bottle brush tree blooms year round and grows best in a sunny location.

I took this pic in Osprey Park, located just off of the Legacy Trail in the Osprey Florida area.  The park is near Pine Ranch road. I took a bike ride on the Legacy Trail with the intent of taking pictures of nature. I used a Nikon Cookpix 600P camera to take the picture.

Every time I look at this image I am amazed at how perfect the back lighting was for taking this pic.

To learn more about the bottle brush trees that grow in South Florida Click Here.


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