Segways Along The Seaway in Sarasota

Segways In Sarasota Florida

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I always love the thrill of trying to take images of total strangers from a distance in public places without getting discovered. These people riding Segways  in Sarasota Florida, near the Ringling Causeway Bridge, were perfect candidates for a long distance shot. To my surprise when I got home the lady was looking right at me when I snapped the shutter button. Oh well, this is a really good picture of people riding segways along the seaway in Sarasota.

Every time I see people riding segways I think of how the person who owned the company died on one. Did you know that? Here, check out what NBC news posted about the owner’s death:

“A British businessman who bought the Segway company less than a year ago died after riding one of the scooters off a cliff and into a river near his Yorkshire estate. Jim Heselden, known locally as Jimi,acquired the Segway company from its U.S. inventor Dean Kamen in December 2009.” Read the entire article here:

If you want to know where to rent a segway, apparently there are rentals in Sarasota through a company called Sarasota by Segway.  You can check out their website by clicking here.

Interesting Facts About Segways

  1. Top speeds are near twelve and a half miles per hour.
  2. The ratio for charging the batter is one hour of time on the charger yields two hours of operational time.
  3. A segway actually has an auto battery charging system. When the vehicle is decelerating or going down a hill, the design allows for the batteries to be automatically recharged.
  4. There’s a cargo area that accommodates up to ten pounds of storage.
  5. The two wheeled transportation vehicle is the width of a person, therefore allowing plenty of room for passing people while riding it on a sidewalk.
  6.  If you are wondering, “does a segway have breaks”? No! It moves and stops based upon the center of gravity of the operator’s body.
  7. How do you turn a segway? Turning involved flicking the wrist.
  8. There are three different speed settings to accommodate different riding conditions. There’s a setting for beginners (about six miles per hour), one for riding on a sidewalk ( speeds up to eight miles per hour), open space riding (full-speed at twelve and a half miles per hour).
  9. They are not just for riding on paved surfaces. The machine travels  on various terrains.

Oh my gosh, ha ha…I just went to Youtube looking for a video that shows how to ride a segway and found a really FUNNY video from Weird Al Yankovic.
He’s Riding A Segway Somewhere in This Video:

Anyway, taking pictures is an absolute blast and so is researching and writing about the images that were captured during the photography adventure. There are a lot of images on this website that have been captured along the saltwater seaways. To view them check out the following categories: water sports, boats, sunsets, and birds. Thanks for checking out this website.

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