Sea Oats on Sand Dunes Panama City Beach Sunset

Sea Oats With Sunsetting

Download PicThis sunset image was taken on Panama City beach. The beach sand is bright white and the  sand dunes are sprinkled with sea oats.

I’ve been visiting PCB once per year since 1970. Fortunately for me, our family has a beach house right on the shoreline. This image was taken from the deck of the house.

As a kid (some fifty years ago) I recall seeing advertisements that said Panama City was the home of  the most beautiful beach in the world.

I currently live in Sarasota Florida. Trip Adviser lists Siesta Key Beach (Sarasota) as the number one beach in the United States with Panama City being listed as number ten. (click here see). I’m not really sure why PCB is so far down on the list because the beach is every bit as beautiful as Siesta Key. Perhaps it’s because the weather starts getting cold in Panama City in September, where Sarasota has warm weather most of the year.

More sunset photos taken on Panama City Beach:

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