Sailboats Near Marie Selby Gardens Low Tide Dinghy

sailboats moored near Selby Gardens

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There’s a very sharp curve on U S 41 (Bayfront Drive or Mound St.) near Marie Selby Gardens in Sarasota Florida. This image was taken along the waterfront right where the dangerous ninety degree turn is located. There are a lot of sailboats and dinghies that are moored in this area that spans from Oleary’s (Marina Jack) to the mouth of the Hudson Bayou (near Marie Selby Gardens). The bay front is also very much alive with birds along these grassy mud flats.

While shooting pictures on this cool overcast summer evening, I encountered Great Blue Herons, White Herons and a Yellow-Crowned Night Heron. Unfortunately, all of the photos I took of the birds didn’t turn out very good.

Small Area Of The Featured Photo Cropped And Enlarged:

Dinghies In The Mud
Can you imagine what life would be like living on one of these sailboats? Just look at the icky mud you would have to walk through to get to the shore. You would also have to take the trash out often because of the snitch that would accumulate in your living space if you didn’t. Then you have the mud from your cloths and rubber boots on the boat to deal with. Wait, what about doing laundry? I don’t think there would be much enjoyment in living on a moored sailboat. It sounds like a real inconvenience to me rather than a luxury.

Getting back to the featured image on this page, I love how there are so many different distinct horizontal lines that were captured on this cloudy day about forty five minutes before sunset. I also like how the photograph feels as though I could walk right into the icky mud, drag a dinghy to the water and go paddle out to a sailboat.

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