Rusty Statesman Super Cadillac Redemption Required

Statesman Super Cadillac Sarasota

Download PicSometimes it pays off to have your good camera in the car while driving around town running errands. I took this photograph of this old rust bucket ┬áStatesman Super Cadillac in Sarasota while traveling to a friend’s house.

Here’s an image I found on this website of a Statesman that’s been restored:

In this featured image I thought of editing it so that it didn’t look like it was slanted due to the incline the car was parked on. As I thought about what the slant conveys, I decided to not edit the photo. I believe the tilted look enhances the age of the vehicle. You know…as we get older we have a tendency to be a little hunched over, tilted to one side or crippled.

Somebody has a lot of work to do on this vintage Cadillac.

Side Of A Statesman Super Cadillac

Whenever I see something old that has been restored, I think of a message that a pastor preached once about God’s redemption. God takes our old worn out, rusty, broken lives and redeems them. The pastor used a a story of how he restored an old boat he had inherited to better than new condition. He had the word REDEEMED painted on the side of the boat, a reflection of his beliefs and a good conversation starter as well…Here’s the boat:

Boat Says Redeemed On The Side

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