Running Water Cataract Falls Spencer Indiana

Cataract Falls Indiiana

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I took a trip to Spencer Indiana. One of the outings I embarked on was going to a local park called Cataract Falls. This featured image of the running water was taken along the river bank of Cataract Falls.

Here are more images I took in the area:

The top left photograph is of a couple of  Korean men who were fishing along the river bank. The guy in the red actually is hoisting up a really big carp in the net. If you enlarge the image you can see the fish really clearly.

To the right of the fishermen is an old wooden covered bridge. A small sign near the bridge states that vehicular traffic was diverted to the new concrete bridge that was finished in nineteen eighty eight. The Cataract Falls website has an excellent write up about the history of the area. You can read all about the early settlers of the 1800s by clicking here.

Camera Used:
Nikon Coolpix P600

Time of year:
July 2015

Spence Indiana

More Images From The Area:

Butterfly at The Canyon Inn
Chipmunk At Cataract Falls

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