Policemen Riding Bikes And Horses Downtown Louisville KY

Police Downtown Louisville Riding Bikes

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While I was visiting a close friend in Louisville Kentucky I decided to go downtown to purchase tickets to some of Louisville’s best attractions. I took my camera along and decided to walk a few of the downtown streets near the Hayatt Regency Hotel. Somewhere around 4th street I captured the featured photograph on this page of a couple of policemen riding bikes.

The first pic I took in the downtown area was of  mounted policemen (riding horses) as seen in the photo below.

Downtown Louisville Police Men
I don’t know if there’s a high level of crime that occurs in this downtown area or not. I do know that seeing the policemen on bikes and horses made me feel safer as I peacefully strolled sidewalks.

Landmarks for the area these pic were taken:
Hard Rock Cafe
City Hall
W. Liberty Street
4th Street

Time of year pic was taken:
July 2015

Photo is of:
Metro police on bicycles and horses

Camera used:
Nikon Coolpix P600

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