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Police Boat

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This image was taken from the Coastguard Auxiliary dock across from the tenth street boat ramp in Sarasota Florida. The police boat was coming in to take the vessel out of the water.

One of the thoughts I had while adding some contrast to this picture in Gimp was that this guy has the ideal job. The Sarasota waterways are pretty tame in relation to other areas such as Miami Florida. I only say this because I watched the TV hit show “Miami Vice”, staring Don Johnson, when I was younger. The boat from the series was actually a Scarab. The featured image of the Police vessel is a Yellowfin Brand, open fisherman style. The one in the Miami Vice program was more of a racing style boat. In any case, this law enforcement boat has some serious horse power propelling it through the Sarasota inner coastal waterways, twin 250 Mercury engines. Wow, wouldn’t that be a fun boat to water ski, wake board, or get pulled on a tube behind?

Another ideal law enforcement job in this South Florida area would be patrolling Lido and Siesta Key Beach. Oftentimes when I am taking a walk along the Gulf of Mexico, I see policemen riding four wheelers or horses . I think with either police job, patrolling the beach or the Sarasota Bay area by boat, even though it would be fun to be around the water all the time, the heat during the summer months would be unbearable for these guys.

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