Pelicans On Rocks Before Feeding Frenzy Breaks Out

Black And White Pelicans on Rocks

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Just before a wild feeding frenzy broke out,  these pelicans were  just lounging around on the rocks. You can see the white caps on the water just starting to break.  Within a half hour of when this black and white image was taken the wind picked up and started pushing schools of small fish into the inlet. What happened next was the most amazing feeding frenzy I’ve ever witnessed by pelicans.

Here are  images taken during the feeding frenzy:

The photograph in the center of this gallery really shows how intense things were at the tenth street boat ramp in Sarasota Florida. In the lower section of the image you can see two pelicans keeping there beaks underwater as the seagulls eagerly wait for some loose fish to fall out.  You can also see two others to the far right of the image with their heads tucked under as well.  The water was actually to murky to see the schools of bait fish the bird were feeding on.

Here’s a video I took of the pelicans in a feeding frenzy:

Catching spontaneous moments likes this one is why I keep going out and taking pictures. These pics were taken in early April of 2016. The sun was shinning brightly and the temperature was around eight five degrees. It was the perfect south Florida day to be out enjoying the sunshine along the waterways.

This particular area is a great place to hang out on a beautiful day. Here’s a list of a few of the things people do around the Centennial Park Boat Ramp:

  1. Rid wave runners
  2. Fish
  3. Launch boats
  4. Sunbath
  5. Picnic
  6. Read
  7. Walk
  8. Take photographs
  9. Bird watch
  10. Sleep
  11. Listen to music
  12. Powerboat Grand Prix Festival Around The 4th of July
  13. Van Wezel Preforming Arts
  14. People watch

These images were take with a Nikon Coolpix P600 camera. All of the pics on this page were cropped and color enhanced using a free  photo editing program called Gimp.


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