Osprey Scouting From Telephone Pole

Osprey On Telephone Pole

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Sarasota has an area know as City Island. This beautiful Osprey was perched some thirty feet or more in the air on top of a telephone pole. I was riding my bike through this area in search of interesting things to photograph. I just happened to look up and notice that the center riser on top of the telephone pole looked different, then realized it was an Osprey that I was looking at.

Every time I visit this area I see Ospreys either flying around, perched in trees or resting in a nests. One day I witnessed a couple of Ospreys gathering sticks for their nest. It was a wondrous site to behold and a cherished memory I own.

Check out these other images of this graceful bird:

Facts About Ospreys

  1. Ospreys have several names: Pandion haliaetus (scientific name), fish hawk, sea hawk, river hawk, fish hawk, fish eagle
  2. Their desired food is fish, but they also will eat other birds, small rabits,  reptiles and crabs
  3. These birds have a life span of 5 to 12 years
  4.  The Osprey has adorned the face of about fifty postal stamps
  5. Ospreys nests grow in size year after year as they return to hatch their eggs. A nest can start out  being about three feet in diameter and over time grow to be larger enough for a human to sit in it. Some have been recorded to be ten feet deep and six feet wide.
  6. During the nesting season the Osprey can lay one to four eggs. The eggs can range from two to four inches in length. It takes a month to a month and a half ro the eggs to begin hatching. Usually the hatchlings break out over a five day period.

For more detailed information about the Osprey check out this website: All About Birds.

Here’s a video I took of an Osprey eating a fish:

Image Facts:

  • Location was in Sarasota, Florida on City Island
  • Camera used was a Nikon Coolpix P600
  • Time of year was late winter of 2016
  • Time of day was about one in the afternoon

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