Old Car Fourth Of July Near Mellow Mushroom

Old Car Downtown Chattanooga

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I spent the fourth of July in Chattanooga Tennessee during 2015. This image of the old car was taken from the fifth floor of a parking garage not far from the Mellow Mushroom restaurant. I later discovered that this car is called “The Rat Car”.

I wish I knew more about old cars because I would expound upon how this eye catching machine was created. With some in-depth searching online I discovered that this is actually a truck that is called “The Rat Rod”.  You can see more detailed images and read all about the person who created the car by clicking here.

Here are a few things I did notice that seem to be over the top and especially unique about this old car:

  • There’s a rat mounted on top of a mega phone
  • The gas tank is made out of a keg container for beer
  • There’s a scuba tank being used for something, perhaps an air break supply?
  • The door handle on the passenger’s side of the old car is a Crescent wrench

This particular location was a high traffic area for people going to watch the fireworks show along the banks of the Tennessee river. Here’s an image of a group of people who stopped to check out the car:

Crowd Around Old Car

There’s now doubt about it… these spectators are dressed for the 4th of July fireworks celebration in Chattanooga Tennessee.

Location image was taken:

Somewhere downtown in Chattanooga Tennessee not far from the Aquarium and across from the Mellow Mushroom restaurant from the fifth floor of a parking garage.

Time of year:
Summer/Fourth of July

Camera used:
Nikon Coolpix P600

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