Ocean View Club Harbor Island Views

Pink Sands Beach From Ocean View Club View

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Pink Sands Beach on Harbor Island in the Bahamas offers some amazing resort views. The featured images was taken from the Ocean View Club. This beautiful setting of the ocean can be seen from the lobby/dining areas of the resort.

Super Big Large Chess Game Outside

Outside Chess Game

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While staying at this hotel you can also enjoy playing chess outside on the largest chess board I’ve ever seen in person. The giant game is set up outside overlooking Pink Sands Beach and can be played at anytime. I think the only thing required on a very hot summer day is shoes; it looks like the tiles get pretty hot on a super sunny day.

Pink Sands Beach Access Near The Ocean View Resort

I spent a lot of time taking photos around this area of Pink Sands Beach. There’s a public beach access right next to the Ocean View Hotel. The long trek down the cement and wooden stairs eventually leads to one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen in the world, which is saying a lot because I visit Panama City Beach and Siesta Key Beach in Florida often.

Here are a few views from the public beach access on Pink Sands Beach near the Ocean View Club Resort:

Sip Sip Public Beach Access Pink Sands Bahamas

Beach Access Pink Sands

Ocean View Of Pink Sands Beach

Id highly recommend visiting this areas of Harbor Island in the Bahamas. The Ocean View Club Resort offers stunning views and easy access to refreshing waters that surround the island.

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