Muhammad Ali Museum Famous Image In Boxing Ring

Famous Picture Muhammad Ali Knocks Out Sonny Liston

Download PicWhen I was a teenager Muhammad Ali was in his prime and at the peak of his boxing carrier. This featured image of him lording over Sonny Liston in the boxing ring is probably the most famous  picture of Muhammad Ali.

I took this picture while touring Muhammad’s museum located in Louisville Kentucky (where he was  born in 1942). The photo is a picture of an image being played in a video. The film was being projected inside of a boxing ring (seen below without any streaming media playing). I took the pic from one level above where the film was playing.
Boxing Ring Where Film Is Projected Muhammad Ali MuseumSomething very interesting happened to me within minutes of touring the museum. It’s hard to explain, but I was edified quickly and sensed an infusion of confidence with every poem I read that he wrote and audio I heard of him boasting about being the greatest of all time.

If you are ever spending time in Louisville Kentucky this museum is well worth the little it costs. I learned so many things about who Muhammad Ali really was outside and inside of the boxing ring.

When I finished touring all four floors of the museum and started walking through the barren parking garage, I raised my arms over my head and shouted: “I’m the greatest of all time. Can’t nobody whup me!” At that moment I was dripping with an air of confidence that I could do anything if I only put forth the effort. That feeling was a direct result of rubbing shoulders with someone who truly believed he was the greatest, Muhammad Ali (read his bio here).

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Camera used:
Nikon Cool Pix P600

Time of year:
Summer/July, 2015

Muhammad Ali Museum

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