Merged Sunsets From Captiva Island To Panama City Beach

Two Sunsets Merged Together

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Using a photo editing program called Gimp, I combined two sunset images. The sun and the pelicans where taken on Captiva Island in southern Florida. The image of the pier and sandy beach was shot in Panama City Florida. I used the “Add Layer Mask” feather in the Gimp program to subtly blend the two images together. Once I was satisfied with the final layer masking I then merged the two images together into one. The next step was to enhance the colors of the photo a  bit to make them a little more vibrant, but no so much so that the image looked enhanced. The color alteration was done using the “Curves” feature in the Gimp program. All in all it took about fifteen minutes to marry the two sunset pictures into on. Just a side note, these two beaches are about 550 miles apart.

Follow The Links Below To View The Individual Pictures:
You can view the sunset set pic here: Gulf of Mexico Sunset With Pelicans
The beach image can be viewed here:  Picture of Panama City Florida Beach

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