Louisville Kentucky Tugboat Pushing Barge Ohio River

Tugboat Louisville KY

Download PicThis photo was taken from the Muhammad Ali Museum. There’s another image below that shows how large the barge was that this tugboat was pushing through Louisville Kentucky on the Ohio river.

I captured the feeling that I wanted to in this pic. The idea was to demonstrate the strength of the littleĀ  boat through capturing the massive wake it was leaving behind. I think that the steal structure of the bridge overhead that the tugboat had just gone through enhances what a tugboat represents, an industrial vehicle that hauls large materials.

The challenge in taking this photograph was finding a spot in the window to shoot the image without having some sort of reflection or glare in the finished pic.

The image below gives you an idea of how far away I zoomed in on the tugboat from in order to capture the photograph of it passing underneath the bridge. I’m guessing that I was about a half mile away from the bridge.

Tugboat Barge Ohio River Louisville KY

Location this image was taken:
Louisville Kentucky/Muhammad Ali Museum

Time of year:
Summer/July 2015

Camera used to snap this tugboat image:

Nikon Coolpix P600

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