Large White Heron Close Up Tenth Street Boat Ramp

Large White Heron Boat Ramp Sarasota Florida Birds

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This long-legged waterfowl closeup was taken from the sea wall of the Coastguard Auxiliary building directly across from the tenth street boat ramp in Sarasota Florida. These beautiful large white herons can be seen anywhere there’s water in South Florida. This bird actually let me get within four feet of him in order to snap this photo.

The day of this same photography adventure I saw herons at the John Ringling Bridge fishing pier, along the shoreline of Marina Jack and at the Bird Key Park.

Here are some other pics of this beautiful species of herons:

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Photograph Specifications:

  • Camera used was a Nikon Coolpix P600
  • Location was at the 10th street boat ramp near the Van Wezel  in Sarasota
  • Time of year was late winter
  • Distance the white heron was from camera at the time the image was captured, about four feet

A Few Large White Heron Facts

  1. These birds lay bluish green colored eggs and generally lay about three to four of them in a  nest
  2. White herons eat fish, crabs, shellfish, birds (yes I said birds…refer to the video below) insects and small mice
  3.  The lifespan of these birds is about twenty years
  4. Their weight can range from three and a half pounds to six and a half pounds
  5. On a good day, a white heron can fly at speeds of up to thirty miles per hour
  6. They can feed at night due to having excellent eyesight
  7.  Large white heron nest in groups sometimes reaching up to five hundred nests in an area
  8. Herons can become prey to raccoons, foxes and alligators

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