Kayaking Near The Tennessee River Walnut Street Bridge

People Kayaking Around The Wanut Street Bridge

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I recently took a three week road trip from Sarasota Florida to Spencer Indiana and back. This image of people kayaking was taken  from the Walnut Street Bridge while I was in Chattanooga Tennessee .  The vibrant colored kayaks really stand out against the Tennessee River’s black water background. There were a lot of people participating in various water sports activities (boating, paddle boarding, sailing, cruising on the Southern Belle River Boat)  in this area on this cool summer day in June of 2015.

When visiting the Walnut Street Bridge area  there are a multitude of things to do and see. Not far from where this picture was taken are these attractions:

I took this picture of these people relaxing while kayaking on the Tennessee River with a Nikon Cool Pix P600 digital camera.

If you download the full resolution pic and zoom in on the boaters you will be amazed at the details captured in this photo. The way these two unknown subjects are dressed they look like the are modeling for a kayaking ad or something.

1 Walnut Street,
Chattanooga, TN 37403

To my surprise, I searched for places in this area to rent kayaks, paddle boards or canoes and couldn’t find any.

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