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Yellow Leaf Trees Sarasota South Florida

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What are these yellow leafed trees  called that we see  blooming in Sarasota during springtime,  March, April, May and June? Some people refer to them as the Golden Trumpet. I’ve always heard them called Gold Trees.

These trees are scattered throughout South Florida. This particular image was taken at night in Sarasota’s Island Park.

Gold Tree (Tabebuia chrysotricha) Facts

  • Technical name or scientific name is “Tabebuia chrysotricha”
  • They grow to  heights of thirty feet
  • Popular tress to plant along roadsides, in median areas,  in residential lawns, near commercial buildings, in subdivisions, in parks/recreation areas or along the waterway
  • Bees love to munch on the nectar that the Gold Trees produce
  • Some species of humming birds are attracted to these trees
  • The trees are grown in Brasil
  • The trees drop their leaves when in bloom
  • They grow fast
  • Best grown when planting in full sunlight

View more scientifically detailed information about these yellow leaf tress here:

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