Image Of The Walnut Street Bridge Through The Trees

View Of Chattanooga Walnut Bridge From The Ground

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This featured image of the landmark Walnut Street Bridge in Chattanooga Tennessee was slightly modified using the Gimp (freeware) photo editing program. The view of this famous bridge through the trees looks polarized because there was some slight digital contrasting done on the image.

A very good friend of mine lives in the Chattanooga area. We both really enjoy taking pictures. In fact, he is responsible for introducing me to world internet marketing which eventually led to me starting a successful Internet focused company, Creating Residuals Inc. Book Cover Pics  is one of the websites that the company owns. The first evening I spent in Tennessee, my friend brought me to the Walnut Street Bridge to take photographs at sunset.

Interesting Facts:

When was the Walnut Street B ridge built?
Answer: 1890

When was the first automobile built?
Answer 1885-1886

Is the Walnut Street Bridge the longest pedestrian bridge in the world?
Answer: According to this article it is...Click Here

Was any one ever hung from this famous bridge?
Answer: Yes

The featured photo was taken with a Nikon Cool Pix P600 digital camera.

Time of year:
July/Summer 2015

Image description:
Walnut Street Bridge seen through the trees

Other Images Taken In This City:
Mom With Child On Water Steps Chattanooga

Old Church Downtown Chattanooga Tennessee

Market Street  Bridge Water Cannons At Night

The video above was recorded on the Walnut Street Bridge. These guys are actually very good. Unfortunately it appears that the band isn’t together anymore or they are using a different band name or Youtube account name. I just cant find anything new by these guys. This video was recorded in 2012. The scenes toward the end of the recording show some of the mountains in the background and beautiful scenery of the area.

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