How To Cook Tender Competition Style Spare Ribs

Amazing Smoked Spare Ribs

Cooking smoked spare ribs that melt in your mouth and fall off the bone takes a lot of work, about six and a half hours worth. It doesn’t take that long to actually cook the ribs, time includes the in between steps.

When I visited my adult child and her husband in Marietta Georgia, we went out to dinner one night to a place called Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q. Never in my life have I had ribs that taste as good as the ones that they cook at Foxes.

So, fast forward about one month and I ┬áhave this overwhelming craving for delicious smoked ribs, but am back in Florida. What do I do? I’m five hundred miles away for Fox Brothers…

I’ll tell you what I do! While vacationing on Panama City Beach in Florida, I decided I want to try to cook some smoked ribs on the grill. You can just imagine where I decided to start this adventure, right, Youtube!

Here’s the video I watched that helped me produce the ribs you see in the feature image on this page:

  1. Trim all of the junk off of the ribs and remove the membrane
  2. Salt and pepper
  3. Coat with any type of mustard
  4. Cover both sides with some type of Bar-B-Q rub for ribs
  5. Cook on the grill for three hours at 235 degrees, using charcoal as the fuel and some apple wood chips
  6. While the ribs are cooking, lightly mist them every forty five minutes with a mixture of apple sauce, red wine, some dry rub, olive oil and a little vinegar…
  7. After three hours, take the ribs off the grill place them on a large piece of tin foil. Coat the ribs with margarine, plop on a healthy mound of brown sugar and then drizzle with some honey
  8. Wrap the ribs in the foil and place them back on the grill, without any apple wood chips, for an hour and a half
  9. Take them off  the grill and remove them from the foil. Place them back on the grill and glaze them with your favorite barbecue sauce. We used Sweet Baby Rays on our spare ribs
  10. Let the ribs cook for an additional half hour and your done

As previously mentioned, these ribs are AMAZING! I am so thankful to the creator of the Youtube video for sharing his secrets with the world. My kids and I will have a memory to cherish for life. I know I will never forget how great this feast was we had while vacationing on Panama City Beach during July of 2015.

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