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Horses on Harbor Island

It’s funny how things work out. I was just down on the beach looking for these horses in the image above. When I reached the location where they were supposed to be on Pink Sands Beach some people there told me that Marty had left for the day. Feeling a bit disappointed because it was my last day on Harbor Island in the Bahamas, I left Pink Sands Beach to explore more things inland.

In the location where I took this picture, fate decided that my golf cart should break down. After three minutes of waiting to try and start the cart again, I look up and here comes Marty the horse man down the street. WOW, I got so excited to see the very thing I’d thought I’d missed just moments earlier. I am so thankful to God for loving me enough to arrange for my heart’s desires to be fulfilled.

Cost To Ride Horses On Harbor Island Bahamas

I inquired through Facebook message on BB’s Horseback Riding page about the cost of their services. Here’s the reply I received:

“Hello, thank you for your inquiry. We have 2 rides to choose from, both include the pink sand beach. We have the 1 hour ride for $100 each, which includes the flats on the Harbour side with the famous lone tree and the pink sand beach. The other is the 30 min horseback ride just on the pink sand beach for the cost of $75 each.”

I am planning another trip to Harbor Island in 2018. I will definitely take time to go horseback riding on Pink Sands Beach. Hopefully the cost of riding horses will still be somewhat reasonable.

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