Honey Bees Natural Hive Phillipi Creek Mansion

Phillipi Creek Estates Bee Hive

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Buzzing bees stay very active along the nature walk through the Hammock Trail located on the Phillipi Creek Mansion (Phillipi Creek Estates Park) public grounds. The nature trail weaves and winds through one quarter of an acre of wooded surroundings along Phillipi Creek in Sarasota Florida.

The South Florida honey bee hive can bee seen about thirty yards from the beginning of the trail. There’s a sign that announces to hikers that there’s a honey bee hive just ahead. The hive is located about ten feet up in an oak tree where two branches broke off. The tree is marked with bright yellow tape, impossible to miss it.

I spent about ten minutes underneath this bee hive and never felt threatened.¬† The Herald Tribune notes that these are “European, non-aggressive honey bees”. In the Tribune’s article they explain that the park caretakers check on the hive regularly to make sure that the bees are not swarming or being aggressive. As long as the honey bees do not cause any disturbance to hikers, the park officials say that the bees are welcome to stay.

Location where image was taken:

Phillipi Creek Estate Park
5500 South Tamiami TrailSarasota, Florida 34231

Camera used to take the honey bee image:

Nikon Coolpix 600P

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