Harbor Island Eating Conch Salad

colorful conch salad

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This beautiful image was taken in the Bahamas at Romora Bay Marina which is located on Harbor Island. Conch salad is a very popular entry made from fresh conch that’s been harvested from the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea or the  Atlantic Ocean. The muscle of the creature is all that is used in the salad. It’s a very laborious process to remove the creature from the shell and to carve out the muscle.

In the Bahamas conchs are harvested from shallow grass plateaus that rise from water depths of thousands of feet in the ocean.  Free diving is the most popular method of gathering them from the ocean floor. Scuba diving is not allowed in the Bahamas. Locals with valid permits free dive on calm days any time of the year (no season on these)  to collect these shelled muscles from the ocean. Several sources on the web indicate that 10 conchs can be harvested per day from vessels with a valid fishing permit.  For more detailed information and pictures of these beautiful pink shelled delicacies go here: http://eatyourworld.com/blog/in_the_bahamas_to_conch_or_not_to_conch

The image below demonstrates  two different ways that conch is served. The dish with the french fries on it has cracked conch on it as well. The very colorful recipe is the actual salad made with the species. While I was on Harbor Island I also had white chowder made with the muscle as well. All of the dishes I tried were very delicious. I preferred the cracked style over the other two recipes I enjoyed.cracked conch salad being made

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The above picture was taken at the Rock House Restaurant on Harbor Island. This is a wonderful place to dine. The view from the second floor over looks the inland waters of the Bahamas. This is a bowl of white conch chowder served with Bahamian bread.  The entry costs about $18 plus a 7.5% gratuity that’s automatically added to the bill.

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