Half Submerged Alligator Chattanooga Artificial Swamp Aquarium

Multifaceted View Of Alligator

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This alligator image was taken in the Chattanooga Tennessee Aquarium. The half submerged reptile actually looks as if he has a smaller alligator on its back (better seen when photo is enlarged). The smaller one is about six feet away in the background.

There are a few things captured in this image that I really like:

  1. The clarity of all of the things in the image
  2. The partial reflection in the glass of the woman standing next to me
  3. The people looking at the display from around the corner
  4. The guard rail of the upper level gives the image of  the aquarium a three denominational appearance
  5. As already mentioned, the smaller alligator looks as if he is riding on the bigger one’s back
  6. The clarity of the skin patterns on the alligator

There were a lot of people visiting the Chattanooga Aquarium on this overcast and moderately rainy day. I had actually made plans to go to Ruby Falls, Rock City and Lookout Mountain, but the weather didn’t allow.

This large aquarium is the third one I’ve been to. A couple of years ago I visited the Atlanta aquarium. Of the two, I’d say that the one in Atlanta is a lot better.

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