Grafithy Art Graffiti DeKalb Road Life After Cancer

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This image was taken along Dekalb Rd. in Atlanta, Georgia. I visited the artist’s Instagram page and discovered a lot of graffiti displayed there. The profile name on Instagram is  Grafilthy-Art. While wondering around on the artist’s page I discovered the image below. I’d never really thought about how much paint it takes for graffiti artists to paint large areas. Spray paint is not cheap either.

The message that Grafithy Art sends in this image (and several others on his Instagram account) caused me to think about two very close friends of mine, one whose cancer is in remission and one who only has six months to live.  One friend is vibrant and full of life in his fifties, working hard and playing hard while singing and making melodies for Jesus. The other is in a nursing home at age eighty seven ready to meet Jesus face to face. In both instances, there is life after cancer.

Here’s the image of the truck full of paint I found on Instagram:
graffiti Artist Work TruckThere’s a lot of graffiti in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. One of the things I love about taking photographs is that the images cause me to think more about the political or social issues behind the pic. For instance, this picture about cancer caused me to wonder:

  1. Is graffiti legal in Atlanta
  2. Why do these artists feel compelled to display their talents on the sides of  buildings, trains and inside of tunnels.
  3. How can they afford to purchase so many cans of paint?
  4. Do they have good paying jobs or are they selling drugs (graffiti to me is associated with street people/gangs for some reason)?

Here’s some of what I discovered…Atlanta Government says this:
“Graffiti is the defacing of a building or structure by placing an inscription, a slogan, a drawing, etc., or any modification without prior permission of the owner or the occupant of the property.”

2010 Georgia Code:
“As used in this chapter, the term “graffiti” means any inscriptions, words, figures, paintings, or other defacements that are written, marked, etched, scratched, sprayed, drawn, painted, or engraved on or otherwise affixed to any surface of real property or improvements thereon without prior authorization of the owner or occupant of the property by means of any aerosol paint container, broad-tipped marker, gum label, paint stick, graffiti stick, etching equipment, brush, or other device capable of scarring or leaving a visible mark on any surface.”

From what I can see, Atlanta has a graffiti task force that is a combination of various governmental agencies including public schools, transportation or railways. There are areas in Atlanta where graffiti is allowed, along the Atlanta Beltline is one such place.

If you would like to learn more about graffiti click here.

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