Girl Captain Illusion With Two Forefront Men

Girl Captain Woman Driving a Boat In Swimsuit

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For years I’ve always said that true art is different from the norm, like this image of the woman captain.  A good photo or painting will unfold with something of interest that at first glance you missed. This woman driving the boat isn’t the first focal point when view this pic, but if you are a man or even a woman looking at this photograph, I’m sure you experienced a “WOW” factor when you discovered her in the background.

This is one of the reasons that I love taking photographs. It’s always a great surprise when you get  home, start sifting through the images you took and you find one that’s totally awesome. That was my experience with this shot. I hadn’t intentionally planned for the pic to be the way it is.

More About This Image:

Camera Used: Nikon Coolpix P600
Location: South Florida
Time of year: Late winter, 2016

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Taking pictures like the girl captain featured on this page is what keeps me going out and shooting more and more pictures. The woman driving a boat is a welcomed sight when you initially wonder why there’s a picture of a couple of guys in the front of a boat.

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