Full Moon In December Over Sarasota Florida

Full Moon Craters and Mountians

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This image of the full moon was taken with my new Nikon Coolpix 600P digital camera. The second night after I purchased the camera from Best Buy  the moon was totally full.  The image was taken in Sarasota Florida around 11 PM on a night with a slight chill in the air and a crisp clear sky.

The moon was actually pretty high in the sky. I think if I’d captured the image sooner, when the subject was lower, I would have gotten an even better shot.

I used a Platinum Plus tripod (model 5858D) that I purchased from Best Buy to take this shot. The tripod only cost me about $20. The Nikon has two options for the shutter timer: 1) a two second delay 2) a ten second delay. I used the ten second shutter delay option. This allowed plenty of time for the tripod to stop shaking from me pushing the shutter down.

The thing I love about the Nikon Cool Pix camera is that the zoom lens can magnify things up to 1000 times. The camera actually has a setting for shooting the moon! Not a bad shot for my fist try!

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