Fire Department Boat Demonstration Water Blast

Sarasota County Fire Boat

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I attended a ski show next to Mote Marine on a beautiful sunny South Florida afternoon. The Sarasota Fire Department gave a demonstration of their boat and educated the audience about what their responsibilities are on the water.

The featured image shows the water canon blasting out five hundred gallons  per minute of sea (salt) water . The fire department’s  boat is equipped with a pump that pulls in water from the bay or ocean and blasts it in the air. The captain of the division explained that the only time the system can’t be used is in extremely shallow water. When the pump is cranked up to full speed it will actually move the boat. So the captain of the vessel has to maneuver the boat to keep it positioned while the pump is creating a giant water spout.

There’s only one fire boat on the water in the Sarasota area. The boat is actually docked very near to the Mote Marine Laboratory.

For more information about the area divisions click here: Sarasota Fire Department

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Video Of Boat Blasting Water

Facts About This Picture

  • The photo was taken at the Ski-a-rees show
  • The picture was taken from about two hundred yards away, the length of two football fields
  • All of the men in the image have captains licenses
  • It was taken during April of 2016
  • The photo was edited with Gimp software
  • The image was cropped and contrasts were added to make the colors more vibrant


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