Fall Colors Anchorage Presbyterian Near Railroad Tracks Louisville

Anchorage Presbyterian Chruch Fall Leaves Louisville KY

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Traveling along Park road in Anchorage KY, near Louisville, I noticed this Presbyterian Church in the featured image. I’m not to sure what really caught my photographer’s eyes as I was driving by. Something intrigued me enough to  turn around to take a few pics of this church that was founded in 1799. Looking at the photograph now, I see that the very tall tree that has already dropped all of its leaves, next to the smaller trees that have vibrant colors, indicating winter is near. Also, I  have always thought railroad tracks add substance to photographs. Can you imagine what Sunday morning is like when all is quiet and everyone is praying, then suddenly there’s a rumbling, shaking and gentle roar felt of an oncoming train. As I am writing things I am reminded of one of my favorite songs from many years ago. Check out the video below…

Heaven Bound Train:

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