Delicious Ribs Chicken Served With Collards Heritage BBQ

Heritage Barbecue Sarasota

When I visited Atlanta Georgia I went to a restaurant called Fox Brothers, the best barbecue restaurant I’ve ever been to in my life. Heritage BBQ just opened in Sarasota Florida, my home town. The featured image on this page is from when I went to Heritage for the first time. Here’s my take on the smoked chicken and rib dinner I ate…

  • The ribs and chicken were delicious, but I would say they are your average run of  the mill smoked meets, noting outstanding here. However, I wouldn’t hesitate to go the the restaurant again for for lunch or dinner.
  • The collar greens are out of this world. I thought Fox Brothers BBQ had the best greens I’d ever tasted, but Heritage’s are superb!
  • The warm roll was so amazingly soft and delicious. It seem to have a nice honey butter glaze on the outside of it.
  • The pickles? Well, I was wondering why they even put them on the plate.

Overall my experience at “The Heritage Barbecue” was a good one. The service was wonderful, the food was served quickly and the ambiance of the restaurant has that “country boy” feel to it. Although I don’t think there will ever  be a BBQ place that compares to Fox  Brothers Barbecue in Atlanta, Heritage is an excellent place to eat.

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Location Image Was Taken:
Sarasota Florida, Cattlemen Road

Camera Used:
Iphone 4s


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