Colorful Fall Trees Lagrange Road Along Tracks

Lagrange Road Louisville KY

Download PicI was traveling on Lagrange road in Louisville KY when I noticed these colorful trees along the railroad tracks. The changing of the leaves were at their peak when I was in Kentucky during November of 2015.

There were so many pictures that I would have liked to have taken, but narrow roads hindered me from doing so. Some of the most¬† beautiful colored trees were in places that just didn’t allow for me to pull over and park.

Check out the picture below. I am sure you will agree that the fall colored trees were at the peak of the changing of the leaves.

Peaking Fall Colors In The Trees

The above pic was captured off of Shelbyville road in KY,¬† appears to be a golf coarse. I would have never taken this photograph if my GPS hadn’t directed me the wrong way and rerouted me. I was on Shelyville road, headed to a location on Shelbyville road, when the GPS said turn left, so I did. I thought it was odd, but followed the voice of my electronic device. When it realized it was taking me the wrong way, it took me in a circle. At the end of the circle was this amazing view of colorful trees.

Here are some more images taken on Lagrange road, or it might be Old Lagrange road…

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