Coconut Palm Tree Cluster Along Interacoastal Waterway

Coconut Palm Trees Along Waterfront

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This image was taken along the water’s edge of Sarasota bay. As you cross over the John Ringling Causeway bridge, going out toward Lido Beach, you will see these trees on the North side of the bridge. The city planted these palms along the intracoastal waterway when the new bridge was built.

The coconut trees are flourishing with coconuts during December, although you wouldn’t know it by the looks of these trees. Just on the other side of this area there are a lot more coconut trees that were filled with coconuts when I took this shot.

One of the things I love about this image is all of the contrasting things you see. You’ve got the green palm fronds set against the background of the grey December sky. You have a couple of different concrete block styles lining the water’s edge. You can see car tires in the water next to the small dock. I also love how there’s a small hint of the blue canvas peaking through the trees. There’s seaweed piled up on the concrete which indicates that it’s low tide.

As you can tell, I took this picture from off of the bridge.

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