Close Up Of Bougainvillea In South Florida

Close Up Of Bougainvillea

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I hate to trim Bougainvillea plants, but I love the way they look. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t have one of these in my yard. Even though they are radiantly beautiful, the Bougainvillea is a pain to care for because of the long, abundant and very sharp thorns that protrude from every branch.

During cold snaps in the middle of winter, Bougainvilleas that grow in South Florida will get ruined by freezing temperatures if they are not covered up. This makes for a lot of extra work during the spring time trimming secessions.

You have to wear gloves when you trim the Bougainvillea. If you don’t you will encounter some serious pricks from the thorns.

This particular images was taken during December in Sarasota Florida. The plant is in full bloom. This closeup was taken during the early afternoon hours where the sun was reflecting off of the side of a tan stuccoed house. The camera used was a Nikon Cool Pix 600P. I shot this photo from about eight feet away from the plant while zooming in on the pink flowers.

The Bougainvillea blooms year round.

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