Chipmunk Feeding On Rocks Cataract Falls

Chipmunk Eating On Rocks

Download PicSeeing a chipmunk is very exciting to me. Why? We don’t have chipmunks in Sarasota, Florida. This little guy was weaving in and out of the rocks along the stream/river in Cararact Falls in Spencer, Indiana.

Interesting Facts:

  • These furry animals live two to three years in the wild
  • The common length of these little rodents is two to six inches, having tails up to three inches long
  • They eatĀ  nuts, berries, corn, insects, various types of seeds, mushrooms, plant roots and the bulbs of annuals.
  • A single chipmunk can accumulate up to 165 acorns during a good day of foraging for food
  • The can store food inside of pouches in their cheeks while they are gathering food
  • A gathered family of these small rodents is called a scurry
  • A chipmunks burrow can have an entrance that extends twenty feel long
  • They have four to five babies at a time and mate twice a year, once in the spring and the other during the summer
  • Chipmunks are very active during spring, summer and fall. Once winter sets in they spend their time hibernatingĀ  in their burrows
  • They typically create burrows three feet underground
  • There are many different species of chipmunks
  • They climb trees and are very much like miniature squirrels
  • Newborns are on their own some time within an eight week period

More Images Of Chipmunks:

I am a native Floridian. The first time I saw a chipmunk was during a visit to Ithaca New York. The house me and my friend were staying in had a basement that was the guest quarters. The basement overlooked a hillside and had very large windows that extended from floor to ceiling, allowing for a marvelous view of the woods in the back yard. Every morning when I would awaken a family of chipmunks would be scurrying all around, very close to the windows, in perfect view. They were gathering seeds that had fallen from a large bird feeder that was located one floor above the basement. I will never forget how fascinated I was the first morning when I saw them, a wonderful cherished memory!

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