Black And White Kitten With Orange Eyes

Black and White Cat With Yellow Eyes

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This is my kitty, Mr. Destin, short for Destiny. I named him this because it was our destiny to be together.

Recently a friend of mine commented on how beautiful his eyes are. I managed to catch him looking into a light the other night and rushed to get my camera. I quickly set it on the proper setting (macro mode, used for taking close up photos of flowers and bugs…) and snapped this image of his cute little face, hoping to capture the beauty of his yellow/orange eyes.

More of the story of how Destin and I found each other…I’ve been single (not married) and living by myself for over thirteen years. I have three grow children. Through my years of living alone, periodically my kids have suggested that I get a pet. Usually their suggestions were attached to them finding a stray cat or dog that needed a home; on some occasions I think they were just concerned about me being alone.

One morning I was having breakfast with my daughter at Panera Bread when she mentioned that she was awakened in the middle of the night by a kitten meowing outside of her bedroom window. She took the little guy in and was looking for a home for him. She said he was so cute…that’s what they always say when they are trying to soften me up. Awaiting the question, I quickly said I wasn’t interested in taking him.

About ten minutes passed as we moved into other areas of conversation. All of the sudden I felt this “God given” desire drop inside of me to take the kitty. It was so strong that I wanted to get him right in that instant. I asked my daughter: “is the kitty using the litter box”? She replied: “yes”! I then asked her if he was really cuddly. Her reply: “yes”! Without hesitation, I told her I wanted to take the kitty. I was more shocked than she was. Here’s the thing, I know the voice of the Lord when He speaks to me, God was clearly giving me direction to take this little fur ball into my home.

So, it took me about three days to come up with a suitable name. I wanted his name to reflect the importance of our uniting with each other and at the same time give God the credit for directing my steps. Thus, the name Destin was given to this cute black and white cat with beautiful orange eyes.



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