Banyan Trees at Island Park in Sarasota

Banyan Trees Marina Jack Island Park Sarasota Florida

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What tree has roots hanging from its limbs? The banyan tree. One of the things I learned while visiting the Thomas Edison Museum in Fort Meyers Florida is that one banyan tree, like the one in this featured image taken in Sarasota, can span for miles. The unique way these trees grow allows for one tree to have multiple trunks, some being very large and others small. The video on this page documents that the largest banyan tree in the world, found in India, has three hundred fifty large trunks and over three thousand small ones. ┬áThis one tree in India’s Kolkata botanical gardens covers a three acre area.

Here’s a wonderful documentary of the world’s largest banyan tree:

In the Sarasota Florida area there are banyan trees scattered throughout the county. Some of the most amazing ones can bee seen at the John Ringling estate. The property is home to fourteen very large banyan trees. Some of these massive trees have been on the property for a hundred years. They were actually there when the Ringling’s required the property.

Statue Banyan Roots Ringling Museum

Not Royalty Free-Image Taken From Pinterest

The image you see to the right is not a royalty free image on our site. We actually found it on P interest. What you are looking at is a statue on the Ringling Museum’s grounds that was overtaken by banyan tree roots. It took about seven years for this to happen. This combination of nature and man’s art is one of the most treasured creations of the estate grounds. There’s actually a video that explains a lot about these trees and the statue on Youtube.

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Facts about the featured photograph:

  • Image was taken during March of 2016
  • Camera Used was a Nikon Coolpix P600
  • Location of the banyan tree is at Marina ┬áJack Park also known as Island Park in Sarasota Florida
  • The pic was color enhanced through adding contrast to the leaves on the ground

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